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Top ADHD Doctor NYC- Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D., specialized in Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ ADHD) Treatment in Manhattan New York City. Trifecta Health Medical Center is committed to helping our patients’ productivity and wellness.

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ADHD treatment in New York City.

Top NYC Psychiatrist Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. - Medical Director of Trifecta Health -  specializes in the treatment of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder in 3 locations in Manhattan NY: Trifecta Health Downtown, Trifecta Health Midtown and Trifecta Health Park Avenue.

At Trifecta Health, we are committed to helping our patients’ productivity and wellness.

Our office hours are designed to be convenient for busy professionals who have limited free time during their busy day. We keep late hours for the patients who work late hours.

Trifecta Health NYC realizes that most of the stress that our patients are experiencing are due to competitive work environment, intensive schedules and high productivity expectations. We deliver efficient care that is focused on patients’ stated needs, with minimal wait time.

Trifecta Health Medical Center helps patients to get the best possible treatment for Adults with ADD/ ADHD symptoms. Break Free From Adult ADHD Now. Convenient Office Hours. Call Today for ADHD Treatment in NYC!

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The ADHD Resolution

ADHD isn’t just about not being organized and being late on occasion, it’s about so much more than that. Anyone who has lived a life tinged by ADHD, be it directly or indirectly, will know that simply saying ‘be more organized’ is not going to cut the mustard.There is nothing

How to Take Control of Adult ADHD

Trifecta Health offers ADD/ ADHD treatment services in New York. If you have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) , you won’t need us to tell you how troublesome and sometimes upsetting the condition. ADD/ADHD don’t just affect the sufferer either, because this is something which is much more

Common Signs Of Adult ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition that affects up to 7 percent of all school-aged children. But it is not just a kid’s problem. In fact, ADHD affects nearly 4 percent of the adult population. Read the article about instant knockout to learn more about your

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated and committed to improving our existing patients’ health and well-being, whilst striving to continue to help potential patients with expert advice and treatment.

At Trifecta Health, you can expect to receive expert treatment for a wide array of disorders, including but not limited to: Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse and Weight Management. Along with psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, Trifecta Health offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy as a, non-medication approach to treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. We offers Ketamine Treatment for depression as a simple outpatient procedure.

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Ok I've hired them to help me with my dieting. Yes I'm a person who needs robe held accountable for my diet or I'm not as successful. I have been on my diet for 23 days and I have lost 11 pounds and over 4 percent body fat. Michkella I'm sure I spelt that wrong is the BEST! She is always on time and ready with a smile. I would recommend her and this practice for help with your diet. It's working for me and it will work for you.

Wilmington, DE

Barbara L.

Becoming a patient at Trifecta was the single best thing I've done for my health, both physically and mentally. Without going too far into detail- I had been struggling with some weigh gain that I could not lose despite clean eating and a ramped up workout schedule after joining Classpass. I went to my primary care, then an endocrinologist, who spent about 2 minutes with me, told me my bloodwork was "normal", I "look healthy", and brushed me off as another neurotic girl looking for a magic pill to shed some vanity pounds. Back on my own, I eventually came to trifecta to try out a yelp deal on B-12 injections and met Judith. This woman gets it... Underlying health issues don't always jump off the page when looking at blood tests. And you can't assume anything about a person's health because they "look" normal. Medicine is both science and art, and you need to take a holistic approach, talk to a patient in detail, and be open to trying different methods until you both find the treatment that works. It takes some effort on both sides. I'm lucky to have found someone as dedicated to her patients as Judith. I've never felt healthier or happier.

New York, NY

Jennifer E.

I am so thankful that I found this office, I am finally on the right path. This office is located a few blocks from wall street so it is very easy to travel to. This office is very accommodating , they open until 5 on Fridays and 7 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so it works great with my schedule, Michaela was so friendly and professional, I couldn't be more thankful the yelp deal of 10% off HCG is honored, but it is for one transaction, so the more weeks of hcg injections you purchase with this deal the more you save, you can either do up to 4 weeks or up to 6 weeks before they get started they do a weigh in to measure body fat and BMI, and of course its helpful to bring in blood work results to get the best diet and treatment plan possible since diabetes runs in my family they created a customized diet plan for insulin sensitivity, I also love that judy was tough and went straight down to business, she was able to make the HCG diet fit a part of my lifestyle and she educated me a lot about my metabolism and what foods and drinks to avoid, there is only 2 days of intermittent fasting which isn't so bad, she walks you through the process so you don't starve, she really explained the logic behind it very well and didn't rush the session, she answered my five million questions, she also mentioned I wouldn't have to really engage in any exercise until down the line when you drop the weight and need to maintain it, she even changes your diet plan then to make it sustainable they showed me how to do the HCG shots, they don't even hurt, it feels like a pinch, and its only once a day before a meal in the morning, so far it has given me an energy boost thanks to B12, therefore the shots have to be put away in the fridge I wish they had more locations in Brooklyn, im sure they will expand someday, I cant wait to write a review about my progress!

Brooklyn, NY

Michelle C.

We offer adult ADD/ ADHD treatment services with top NYC Psychiatrists in Manhattan area of New York!