Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a neurological disorder in which a person has trouble sitting still, paying attention or following directions.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that 3% to 5% of children have ADHD. Some experts, though, say ADHD may occurs in 8% to 10% of school-aged children. Experts also question whether kids really outgrow ADHD. What that means is that this disorder may be more common in adults than previously thought.

Adults with ADHD may have difficulty with organizational skills, time management, setting goals, and employment. They may also have problems with relationships, self-esteem, and addictions.

The exact cause of ADHD is not fully known, although researchers continue to study the brain for clues. They suspect that there are several factors that may contribute to the condition, including:

  • Heredity: The fact that ADHD tends to run in families suggests that children may inherit a tendency to develop ADHD from their parents.
  • Chemical imbalance: Experts believe an imbalance of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that transmit nerve impulses may be a factor in the development of ADHD symptoms.
  • Brain changes: Areas of the brain that control attention are less active in children with ADHD than in children without ADHD.

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