Several easy to follow steps to make sure you can focus with ADHD

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adhd in adults
When you’re living with the symptoms of ADD or ADHD, getting the job at hand done can sometimes be a struggle.

Distractions, finding it hard to concentrate and letting the mind wander are all things that can act as a barrier to every day jobs. Here at Trifecta Health in Downtown and Midtown Manhattan NY, we understand how difficult it can be to live with these symptoms, and have come up with several easy to follow ways to make sure that presentation gets written, or to make sure that public speaking episode isn’t quite so nerve-wracking.


Read on!

  • Waiting for the right time to get your job done? Stop right there! Conditions are rarely right; either the rain is lashing at the window, or it’s too hot. Be proactive and sit down, breathe and get on!
  • Strike whilst the iron is hot! Thinking about something rarely gets it done, doing it however, that works.
  • Be confident in your ideas. Put it into action!
  • Be confident, fake it even, because you can be sure that even the most confident of people are nervous deep down.
  • Force the flow of inspiration. Yes, sometimes ideas strike out of nowhere, but when the creative flow is halted, you need to sit down, brainstorm and make that blockage disappear simply by doing.
  • Exercise and take on a healthy diet, use health supplements and research what hormones will be better for you. I have found an interesting post about a dhea clinic on wp , they should be able to tell you what hormones you need to make you feel better.
  • Don’t worry about what has passed or what may come. Live in the present, focus on the now.
  • It seems simple doesn’t it? However, living with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD is far from simple. Focus on these steps and you’ll find the barriers that these symptoms can cause, will lessen and lessen.

    Article written by Trifecta Health Medical Center

    TMS Therapy for the treatment of ADHD in New York

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    Trifecta Health an NYC Psychiatrist Dr Fruitman is opening its eye to alternate uses for this new innovative treatment method.

    Many studies are showing the positive effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy for the treatment of a variety of psychiatric


    TMS Therapy has already been proven effective in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder, now ADHD is making the headlines in other uses for TMS Therapy.
    Research at Arizona State University is now showing that pulsed electromagnetic energy, like those used in TMS Therapy, may be a good alternative for other brain disorders such as ADHD. The targeted pulses of TMS Therapy

    would stimulate the neurons to increase nerve activity. ADHD is shown to respond from treatments that stimulate dopamine receptors. By stimulating the entire neuron the dopamine is efficiently and expertly stimulated.
    TMS is an ideal method to see the maturation process of motor pathways since it clearly excites the corticomotoneuronal system involved in ADHD. Findings demonstrate a delay in the maturation process of this system in patients with ADHD. By stimulating these pathways we can further the process of development.
    Studies published on  show that TMS applied to the left mid-dorsolateral prefrontal cortex induced the release of dopamine as a consequence of direct stimulation. This increase dopamine concentration is shown to decrease symptoms of ADHD.
    Studies already show the benefit of increased dopamine in the treatment of ADHD. Now there is an alternative to medication treatment for patients with ADHD. TMS has no adverse side effects and is safe and effective. TMS requires no sedation and is performed on an outpatient basis. Here in Downtown Manhattan, New York; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is offered at Trifecta Health Medical Center under the medical direction of Edward Fruitman MD. It is performed by licensed professionals and prescribed by a psychiatrist.

    Call Today! (212) 233-2830 to schedulle consultation with Dr. Fruitman and get help with your ADHD symptoms.

    How to help employees with ADHD

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    If you have employees within your workforce who are affected by ADHD, you will be aware of the challenges that they face on a daily basis. This of course impacts on their work productivity, which in turn hits the workplace. There are things that can be done to help ADHD sufferers focus their attentions for a longer period of time, and it’s important that managers understand these tips and apply them in the workplace. Here are a few tips. When handing out tasks, it’s a good idea to give an opportunity for the employee to ask questions and to clarify any points they’re unsure of, as well as repeat the instructions back to firm it up in their mind. Be clear and concise. Whether that’s written emails and memos, or phone conversations, keep all communication to the point and very clear. Also avoid lumping together too many points in one email or conversation. Ask for verbal instructions to be followed up in writing, to check understanding. Summarize and recap any instructions at the end of meetings. Give praise! Everyone works better when they feel appreciated and this boosts an ADHD sufferer’s self-confidence especially. Consider team work, and pairing up people with complimenting skills, to benefit the task at hand and the employee. Allow an interruption free period of time during the working day, to allow re-focus. The use of alarms, usually set on the computer, will help an ADHD sufferer to focus their attention, as research has shown that a good response is usually gained from prompts and realistic deadlines. One of the best traits of a good manager is understanding and empathy for a particular person’s condition, and if you can understand ADHD, and its effects, you will be in a better position to understand your employees. Of course, for any sufferer, it’s important to recognize when you may need help, whether that be through symptom control, discussions, or finding out if you really do have the condition; many people do go undiagnosed. Trifecta Health is dedicated to helping ADHD sufferers, under the expert eye of top New York psychiatrist Dr Edward Fruitman. There is no need to suffer in silence, and no need to let ADHD majorly affect any part of your life, not least your career. Give us a call today, and start your road to recovery and management.